Top 10 Best PlayStation 5 Accessories For 2021 | In-depth Buying Guide

The accessories with indestructible engineering and easy-to-move triggers are more appealing to end the game quickly with a high score. It is not easy to find out the best accessories for incredible gaming.

But, if you find the desired product, then you will rock with your valuable PlayStations.

Below are the 10 best PS 5 accessories for 2021 to freshen your gaming skills and enjoy a great gaming experience. So, let’s start the list to figure out the most appealing PS 5 accessories!

Playstation DualSense Wireless Controller

Let’s start the list with the Dual Sense controller and its wireless feature. This fantastic controller works like a weapon to optimize the feedback while gaming. Its response is quick and accurate with its durable actuators to bring skillfulness to your game.

The production of vibrations gives you the sense to play like a pro in the real environment. Moreover, triggers are the essential part of the controller to react in a specific direction. These triggers are moveable in all directions and make your impulsive attacks remarkable.

The built-in microphone is outstanding for voice chatting and to interact with your game partners easily with clear sound. With the attachment of a headset, you would be easy to play with without any hindrance of noise.

It is easy to mute with a button and wide networking to share their gaming thrills and experiences with its create button.


  • Durable construction with classical technology.
  • The built-in mic supports clear voice chatting.
  • Create button is wonderful for sharing your success.


  • Compatible with PS 5, not with PS 3 or 4.

Playstation DualSense Charging Station

Moving to the next, that is another Dual Sense PlayStation. It is emerging with updated technology to provide the player with a quick response. It offers a set of 2 controllers with supporting stands to keep them after use.

Both of these controllers are rechargeable and can be attached to the PS 5 without any wire. This wireless feature is amazing to move the controller quickly without the fiddling of wires. Its USB ports are useful and easy to access during the game.

The connection of USB during the game will not affect your gaming level or speed. You can charge the controllers quickly; you have to fix them in their stand and then leave them to charge. When you put the controller in its stand, it produces a clicking sound. This sound is an indication that the controllers are ready to charge.


  • A pair of controllers at an reasonable price.
  • An exotic design.
  • Wireless use to prevent the fiddling of wires.


  • USB ports are not accurately powered for compatible connections.

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Playstation Media Remote

Along with the game controllers, media remotes also play an outstanding role in controlling online games. This Media remote is easy to connect with the PS 5 console to ease your movement on the screen. It is convenient to control the PlayStation with its buttons.

There are different buttons to move forward, backward, left, or right. This is an innovative way to control the screen without any triggers and wire connections. It is also beneficial for YouTube, Shopify, Disney, and Netflix as it has different power buttons for them.

This remote is astonishingly compatible with PS to play online games to locate the direction and menu. On the flip side, it can help you use TV screens to control the volume and channels. It is a complete package of convenience for gaming and TV as well.


  • Simple and easy to maintain design.
  • Useful for controlling volume and channels of TV.
  • You can enjoy other social sites also with a single click.
  • Easy to mute with its button.


  • No backlights, that’s why not easy to use at night.

PlayStation 5 HD Camera



The more I’m getting deep into these accessories, the more amazed that several accessories can enhance our gaming skills. Here, I have an HD camera to use with the PS 5.

Without missing any step or scene, it can capture all the worthy moments of your game with clear pixels. Their 1080 pixel lenses are remarkable to capture the clarity of the screen. Its HD result is clear enough to show every corner with 3D angles.

It has large enough memory to record your long gaming sessions with vibrant graphics. This camera has a simple but wonderful design along with its sturdy manufacturing for prolonged use.

Its built-in stand is helpful for easy adjustment for recording. After recording and capturing, you can use its tools to change the background or resize the pictures effortlessly.


  • Sleek design with durable articulation
  • Easy to adjust with its built-in stand
  • High-quality picture editing and recording


  • No built-in mic for voice chatting

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core – Gaming Headset for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5



Proceeding to the following product, that is the HyperX gaming headset. Those players who want to uplift their gaming level with a noise-free environment are an exclusive option. It has a high pitch with low dampness to provide a clear voice to you while gaming.

Its cable is 3.5mm long to connect with the PS4, PS5, or Xbox. Also, it can be used with the androids to enjoy music or voice chatting. The ear cups are soft and comfortable to keep your ears easy while attending long gaming sessions.

The drivers are powerful to prevent all the different voices that can distract you during the game. The wire has buttons to control the volume or mute the voice. For convenient voice chatting, a mic is attached to the headset.


  • Clear voice quality to interact with others.
  • Noise-canceling construction to prevent distraction.
  • Soft ear cups to keep you convenient during the game.


  • Average wires and connectivity with Xbox.
  • Average warranty.

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset: THX 7.1 Spatial Surround Sound



The following accessory is another headset, provided by SteelSeriesArctis, with many versatilities and advantages to enlighten your gaming. It has a quality build with robust material and is flexible enough to adjust with ease.

If I talk about its speakers, they are high-pitched and classical for listening to every sound during the game. The microphone is bidirectional and helps to repel all the disturbing sounds when you are playing with concentration.

The 24 hours strong battery life will make you comfortable working consistently for a day. There is a slider that assists in controlling the increase and decrease in sound and uses a separate button to mute.


  • Sturdy construction for an extended use.
  • Strong battery life for consistent gaming.
  • Easy to adjust the volumes with slider.
  • Compatible with ps4 and ps5.


  • Soft padding is average to provide comfort to the ears.

LG OLED48CXPUB Alexa Built-In CX 48″ 4K Smart OLED TV



Tending to the next accessory is the LG OLED with its bright and broad screen. Its colorful graphics make your gaming more fun and energize you to extract a high score within a short time. Also, at dark, its screen illuminates and provides exact directions to move in the game.

The whole system is incredible for showing responsive feedback with the control of the remote. You can enjoy watching your desired shows, movies, and plays on this OLED screen and also use it to play games with brilliant brightness.

Its processor is 4K, a highly eligible to work smoothly with a connection to the internet. You can adjust the volume and channels using voice typing also. To attach speakers for precise sound delivery, you need to make a robust Bluetooth connection with this device.


  • Broad and elegant screen for enjoyable gaming.
  • Vibrant and clear graphics for games and movies as well.
  • A High-quality processor with a complete response.


  • FreeSync software update required.

Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2.4 Channel 1000W Dolby Atmos Soundbar with Dual 10″ Subwoofers (Wireless)



Next on the list are the Nakamichi speakers with exceptional bass and quality woofers. Without coping with the stress of fiddling with wires, these speakers are easy to fit in the room using Bluetooth, RCA, and HDMI connectivity.

There 2 tweeters and mid-range drivers are present to adjust the sound and placement of the speakers. To enhance your focus on the games or your other obsessions, these are the only choice.

It includes 3 engines to elevate sound to provide you with a clear voice during the gaming sessions. For explosive advantages, these speakers are the best source to increase the sound level in a room without damping vibrations in the sound.


  • Enough size and superb design to decorate your room.
  • It is highly engineered with three engines to optimize the sound level.
  • Two tweeters and mid-range drivers to ease the adjustment.


  • No customer support.

Logitech G Dual-Motor Driving Gaming Racing Wheel with Responsive Pedals



Next is a unique product to ease your gaming skills from the Logitech brand. These racing wheels are coming up with explosive features to energize you with enthusiasm so that you can play with new energy after using these pedal machines.

These G29 gaming wheels are immensely compatible with several PlayStations. This machine gives you a new sense of having control over the game with its steering and pedals. This is the best pick for those who used to play racing games.


  • The durable construction of the wheel, pedals, and clutches.
  • Incredible control over a real-life story.
  • Highly responsive feedback within a short time.


  • Average working of the wheel.

WD 4TB Gaming Drive works with Playstation 4 Portable External Hard Drive



The last product that I have filtered out after huge research is the WD 4TB Hard Drive. It is the best gadget to increase the memory of the PlayStation to play online games. You can download a bundle of games and play them smoothly using this premium hard drive.

It is easy to install with some guidance. You will attach it with the controller using any USB cable. Then, connect the controller with the PlayStation and start having fun with its 4 TB memory storage.


  • Huge memory of 4TB for maximum storage.
  • Simple and lightweight product to carry anywhere.
  • Easy to install using some steps.


  • Show errors during the irritating game

Buying Guide

Before picking up any gadget, you must have proper know-how about that one. So, you have to read the purchasing guide to get enough information about your desired product.

Similarly, I will write this buying guide for the 10 best PS 5 accessories for 2021.

Let’s get started.

Robust Engineering

The prime feature you have to check is the product’s manufacturing to ensure durability and prolonged use. The LED screen should be clean; headsets should have soft ear foams, and controllers should have moveable triggers.

Compatible Connectivity

The products should have compatible connections with the Internet, Ethernet, and Bluetooth. The Wi-Fi connection is helpful for online gaming, while the Bluetooth connection is meaningful for the clear sound quality of the speakers.

Noise-Cancelling Effect

If you are procuring a headset for the PS 5, it must have a soft foam to provide comfort to your ears. On the flip side, it should absorb the unwanted sounds to enhance your focus on the game.

Radiant Graphics

The LED screen should provide colored and bright graphics with details to prevent any distraction during the game.


After discussing the 10 best PS 5 accessories for 2021, I have provided you with several choices. It is up to you now, which one is suitable for you.

In my opinion, HypreX Cloud Stringer is classical for its connectivity and performance.

So, if you have liked this write-up, then you must drop your valuable comments below.

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