Ring Alarm VS SimpliSafe – Which One is the Best for You?

Are you looking for the best home security solution for 2021? The advancement of modern technology offers a variety of options for home security. Ring and SimpliSafe are the top two choices among them.

We analyze each system’s benefits, advantages, and disadvantages to find out which is more reliable and why?

This comparison study,  Ring Alarm VS SimpliSafe, will evaluate their assets, services, and pricing to help you pick the best home security system for you. Let’s find out Ring Alarm vs. SimpliSafe; which one is better for you?


SimpliSafe security system
SimpliSafe is a DIY-installed alarm system without a contract that offers inexpensive professional monitoring schemes so that you can constantly watch over your property. This covers protection against dangerous things and events, such as fire, inundations, and carbon monoxide leaks. Here are some features of this security system:

Comes with Multiple Sensors

In SimpliSafe, they use several sensors to monitor the entire property. It can identify and inform you if you have safety flaws in your security system.

For the SimpliSafe system, you don’t need Wi-Fi. The primary hub is cellularly connecting to the SimpliSafe monitoring service that can manage your sensors and communication.

DIY Setup

Launched in 2006, SimpliSafe was the first home security DIY company to offer an affordable alternative to expensive home security systems. It is one of the most well-known and popular DIY security systems, with more than 3 million clients in the US only.

Cost-Effective Smart System

It is very cost-effective. You control it entirely via a keyboard, which employs a voice to help. The SimpliSafe home safety wireless system keeps its name alive. If you think the price is out of your budget, then you can re-think your decision. Cause we recommend choosing quality over quantity.

The device is also versatile and can secure your property in a dynamic. If you check the advantages, you can’t deny that it is one of the best in business. Let’s see the pros and cons below!

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  • No contracts
  • Money-back guarantee (60 days)
  • DIY: Easy setup
  • Reasonable monthly fees
  • Low-cost equipment
  • Dynamic design


  • You need professional help to set up your system
  • Insufficient smart home compatibility
  • Fewer functions than other popular security systems
  • No outdoor camera

Ring Alarm

Ring Alarm Security System
Ring Alarm is another cost-effective and integrated DIY home safety system. Start with a security kit containing a base station, keypad, contact sensor, motion sensor, and other quality equipment. To meet your home safety standards, you receive all you need in one package!

Ring Alarm Features

Here are some important features of the Ring Alarm:

Dynamic & Customizable Design

This customized safety solution is designed to prevent neighborhood crime and increases doorbells, cameras, and other accessories provided by Ring.

Smart Integration

Ring alarm seamlessly integrated with the Ring application protecting houses both inside and outside. Like every security system, it has some drawbacks too!

DIY Setup & 24/7 Service

The Ring Alarm is suitable for small apartments to large homes. As a domestic DIY security system, it can be installed with the help of the basic guidelines(provided at the time of purchase). Take help from the experts if you can’t install the system. You may get 24/7 service by Ring alarm.

Professional Monitoring with LTE Support

It’s a professional monitoring system packed with backup and cellular LTE support to ensure your system is always protected if you don’t have power or Internet (with a Ring Protect Plus plan).


Ring alarm is easy and economical, without long-term commitments or expert installation requirements. The five-piece Ring Alarm Security kit contains a base station, a keyboard, a door/window sensor(s), a motion sensor, a Z-wave range expansion device.

Installation Kit

The package includes the installation kit, which comprises a keyboard mounting tape and two keyboard hardware, an AC adaptor, a USB power adapter and keyboard cable, a startup guide, and a security guide to the alarm kit.

Ring sells a $249.99 8-piece set for bigger houses, including all five-piece kits and three sensors for doors and windows. There is also a 10-piece package at $259.99, including the base station, the keyboard, and the range.


  • 24/7 customer service
  • Autonomous mobile app
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Productive automation options
  • Easily setup
  • Compatible with Alexa


  • No authorized video monitoring
  • More inferior customer-service ratings
  • Limited warranty

Ring Alarm VS SimpliSafe – Which One Is The Best For You?

SimpliSafe and Ring Alarm are both outstanding domestic security systems for DIY setup. So are you able to identify the best security plan? Well, the choice may vary according to your home condition and needs.

Basic Equipment

With SimpliSafe or Ring, you cannot go wrong with the equipment selections.

Both provide intelligent-home goods, such as the bright lights of Ring and the smart lock of SimpliSafe. No matter what home security system you’re searching for, you can probably get the best outcome.

However, Ring provides a bit more intelligent home flexibility — particularly by partnering with developers from other parties. On the other hand — SimpliSafe looks more security-focused, including glass break sensors and essential equipment to deactivate the systems.

Winner: In this case, it’s a Tie

Surveillance Ability

In terms of their monitoring features, SimpliSafe and Ring are relatively comparable.

Both systems provide two separate memberships for paid monitoring. The $3 plan of Ring has functions including video storage, sharing, storing, and extensive alerts. Upgrade to the $10 plan, and you will also receive expert supervision, more extended warranties on your equipment, and 10% off on Ring items.

Like Ring, SimpliSafe provides a lower surveillance package ($15). Professional monitoring, integrated cellular connectivity, and fire monitoring are included.

The $25 package from SimpliSafe includes several additional capabilities such as video recording, priority police dispatch, state-of-the-art warning systems, and family notifications, water and temperature updates — and more.

When you decide on a home security system, if money is your key issue, then Ring will be the suitable choice. We give SimpliSafe the edge if you are less interested in smart home automation and prefer more safety.

Winner: SimpliSafe (by a bit of margin)

Installation Process

Both SimpliSafe and Ring provide suitable alternatives for installation. Any homeowner can install easily Both systems, which means that most households can set up their systems.

They also offer installation services for people who cannot or would not install their equipment themselves.

Winner: Tie


Both Ring and SimpliSafe offer their intelligent home appliances. Furthermore,   you can integrate them with other intelligent home gadgets. But Ring has a slight issue with this section.

First of all, Ring belongs to Amazon, which means that it’s appropriately integrated with your devices from Amazon Alexa. Ring also offers its program “Works with Alexa,” with the help of Ring’s app.

SimpliSafe conclusively has sensible home devices, and their products are integrated with other devices and voice supports, but only integrating the costliest monitoring package.

Winner: Ring System

Customer Service

In the 2020 home security assessment, J.D. Power classified SimpliSafe as the top DIY home security system. Second place came the Ring. Moreover, SimpliSafe rates somewhat better in terms of customer review and complaints, although both organizations have an A+ rating.

Winner: SimpliSafe


For all its products, SimpliSafe gives a three-year guarantee. The Ring provides a one-year warranty, on the other hand. Customers who desire a longer one can get a two-year extended warranty by picking Ring Assist+.

Winner: SimpliSafe

Security & Privacy

Privacy is vital to homeowners who choose a home security system. While Ring’s policy has been revised lately, it still facilitates links with police agencies, and breaches of consumer information are relatively recent events for the corporation.

On the other hand, SimpliSafe is the best choice in terms of security and privacy.

Winner: SimpliSafe

Side-By-Side Comparison

TopicRing Alarm SystemSimpliSafe
Our Rating9.7/109.9/10
Monitoring AbilityMediumOptimal
Basic Trial30 days60 days
Motion DetectionYesYes
Mobile App AccessYesWith Interactive Plan
Video SurveillanceHigh QualityBetter Than Ring
BBB RatingAA+
Pricing• "Basic" Package: $199.99
• "Mid-Level" Package: $259.99
• "Ultra Large" Package: $329.99
• $3/month or $30/year
• $10/month or $100/year

Ring Alarm VS SimpliSafe Similarity

Let’s find out the fundamental similarities of both systems:

Installing your system —

Avoid installation charges that allow your security system to auto-install. Simplisafe offers you the option of professional installation if you wish. Ring systems are entirely DIY.

Surveillance —

Automatic monitoring is optional with SimpliSafe and Ring. Although professional monitoring is economical for both companies, you may forget it and monitor things yourself by using alarms and video surveillance if you get a camera.

Inexpensive Process

Get a home safety system with either brand for less than $300. The Ring shakes out with a security system starting at $199 as the cheapest option—the security systems of SimpliSafe start at around $230.

Ring Alarm & SimpliSafe: Difference

Since SimpliSafe and Ring are both DIY home safety manufacturers, you will notice a few differences:

Options for safety camera —

The Ring is the ideal brand if you’re seeking a durable security camera solution. Ring offers you a range of camera alternatives for indoor and outdoor, including video doorbells. Only one inside camera and the doorbell are available from SimpliSafe.

Free Trial —

SimpliSafe provides the benefit of additional time to test your new security system. Make sure that the SimpliSafe is perfect for you for up to 60 days. On the other hand, a 30 days limited trial period is available in the Ring system.

Ring Alarm VS SimpliSafe: How does it work?

How Does The Ring System Functioning?

You may purchase and monitor both Ring devices online and ship hardware home. With Peel and Stick adhesives, you can easily install them on your own.

You may start controlling your system remotely or via the keyboard when your system has been turned on.

How does The Security System of SimpliSafe Work?

The purchase and installation procedure of SimpliSafe is much like that of Ring for online buying and self-installation. Still, you may pay additionally for the installation of the system by a professional.

You can manage some of the functions from the SimpliSafe app, but the Interactive Plan is necessary for full mobile capability.


Is the investment is worth it for SimpliSafe?

SimpliSafe systems are considered to be valuable. But a more comprehensive security system can provide you with additional milestones. Although SimpliSafe has increased its compatibility over the years, you cannot use  SimpliSafe’s products on other smart home devices.

Which system is better for home security: SimpliSafe or Ring?

SimpliSafe will be an ideal choice for many reasons. Why?

SimpliSafe provides:

  • DIY installation.
  • Less expensive devices.
  • More excellent monitoring.
  • Better iOS applications

Is SimpliSafe better than the ADT system?

SimpliSafe works better than ADT? In the installation, customer assistance, and cost, SimpliSafe beat ADT. ADT nonetheless had a superior application and a superior choice of system components.

What type of sensors works with Ring alarms?

  • Tilt Sensor
  • Motion Sensors
  • Smoke and CO Sensors
  • In-Wall Paddle Switch
  • Plug-In Dimmer

Final Words

Two of the most highly rated DIY safety systems on the market are SimpliSafe and Ring.

You can’t make any mistake while choosing a security system for your house. Here both the system is more suitable for a distinct consumer type.

The Ring is probably your choice if you’re seeking a comparatively low-cost system. SimpliSafe will be the more secure pick if you want the most fragile DIY security system.

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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