Top 5 Best Phone Tripod For Your Car

Our smartphones have become almost everything to us, given the type of multipurpose features they are designed with. From our homes to our offices, we are always busy punching away on our phone keypads. Approximately 50% of smartphone owners use their phones inside their cars to take calls, for satellite navigation, and other purposes.

As for using your smartphone while driving, there are new regulations regarding where your phone should be inside your car. Besides the danger of using the phone while driving, the law stipulates that you should place your phone on your car’s dashboard, where you can easily have direct eye contact with it. That’s exactly where a phone tripod for a car comes in handy.

But does that mean you can decide to buy any car phone mount that comes to mind? If you are using price as the only determinant for buying your phone holder, you will likely end up with one that does not fit your device.

Therefore, we have rounded up a list of the five best tripods for cars that can guarantee the safest and most efficient way to use your phone in your car.

Belkin Car Vent Mount


  • The 180 degrees rotation allows for different positions.
  • User-friendly.


  • It does not come with a cable.
  • You have to turn off your car vent to use it.

Belkin has had an excellent track record with accessories, explaining why the Belkin Car Vent Mount has been regarded as the best phone tripod for car at the moment. It can be slipped into the car vent and securely fastened with its rubber grips. You can rotate this car mount phone holder up to 180 degrees. That way, you can easily use your mobile device in landscape or portrait mode.

More like this:

Belkin Car Vent Mount is designed to accommodate phones as big as 5 inches and hold a phone casing as thick as 3mm.

EXSHOW Car Mount


  • Possesses the ability to rotate 360 degrees.
  • Suction pad attachment.


  • Its unusual length makes it unfit for all surfaces.

EXSHOW Car Mount is well-known for its flexibility and suction pad attachment. This car phone holder is perfect for placing your phone in a position where it won’t become a hindrance to your view. It doesn’t require much to stick it to the windscreen, thanks to its suction pad that’s doubled-up. But, its extra-long length can serve as a disadvantage when placed on surfaces that are not even.

This particular phone tripod for cars allows for a 360-degree rotation, enabling you to discover the best orientation and screen position. It can hold up to a six-inch smartphone. Users have generally found this accessory to be simple but effective. If you need one that allows you to use your phone with a free view, this has to be it.

Arteck Car Mount



  • Compatible with all smartphones.
  • Easy to install.


  • It requires some moisture to stick well.

The Arteck car mount has become a popular car phone holder because of its unbeatable compatibility with smartphones. You can place this accessory on your dashboard for optimal use. In addition, buyers have revealed their affection for this piece due to its highly adjustable capabilities. You can adjust it anyhow you want, vertically or horizontally. That makes it easy for you to get the perfect position for your smartphone. When it comes to larger handsets, it has a sturdy build that can withstand any weight.

If you find it challenging to stick it to your dashboard, you will need to apply some water to attach it properly. Customers are recommending this phone tripod for a car as a reliable accessory for any smartphone device.

TORRAS Cell Phone Holder



  • 360 degrees rotation ability.
  • User-friendly.
  • High-quality material.


  • It could use some more enhancements.

This reliable car mounts accessory gifts you with all possible viewing angles, thanks to its 360 degrees rotation feature. Regardless of what you are doing, this car mount assures you of complete safety. You can listen to music, use navigation apps, make calls, or even charge your smartphone conveniently with this accessory.

Freeing your phone from its hold is as simple as just clicking the button behind. You can clamp it into position by pressing the arms on the two sides. It’s also noteworthy that you can use it with any device.

OLIXAR Car Phone Holder



  • Holds your phone in place due to its magnetic force


  • None

Users regarding dashboard or windscreen mounting have always coveted OLIXAR Car Phone Holder. This is the best phone tripod for car with a solid magnetic ability to keep your phone in position. It comes with a suction cup that you can stick to your dashboard or screen. You can place it anywhere you like. And with the help of a strong magnet, this piece will hold your smartphone in position.

To use this piece properly, you need to stick the magnetic plate onto your phone’s back or phone case. This phone holder also passes as one of the most liked accessories in this category. If you are looking for a car phone holder with great features and zero disadvantages, the OLIXAR Car Phone Holder certainly fits the bill.


Quit looking for a cheap, universal car phone holder that may not fit your device eventually. Instead, buy any of the reliable, durable, and best ¬†Phone Tripod for cars that are out there. If you are looking for brands that guarantee the safe use of your phone, you can patronize the five products that have been described above. All the car phone mounts discussed here have various selling points. In addition, they all seem to be easy to set up while allowing you to optimize your phone use when driving without compromising your safety. You don’t need to use your car at the expense of your smartphone or vice versa. It is possible to enjoy both when you have the right phone tripod for your vehicle.

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